Like That Low One Generator!

Beautiful weather!  It was in the 50s this morning.  What a refreshing way to start the day.  Probably upper 80s to low90s today with a slight chance of moisture tomorrow and a little more chance by mid week.  Best news is temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s for a while.

Not much change in the generation schedule.  Looks like this was our weekend for generation today.  We will have a low one this morning and then they will add more, probably a low two around noon.  Should be off in the morning and on on at noon with one generator, ramping up to a low two for the balance of the day.  Monday’s projection looks like it is Bull Shoals day to run all day.  Taneycomo is projected to be off until 5:00 p.m. when they will run a low two for three hours….we’ll see.

Nice day on the water Thursday for Lee from Louisiana.  He used to fly fish some 40 years ago but had drifted away from it.  After a morning on the water with Stan, he thinks he is going to get back into it.  A nice one generator and the big ruby, size 18 ruby and P&P midges made it a good catching day.  Jim had Mark, from St. Louis, out for the morning.  They too had a good day on the big ruby with a size 18 ruby midge dropper.  They also worked a size 10 CQ streamer and caught from fish.

Friday Jim had Rob and his son, Kade out for the morning.  Flat water, but they had a good day on the P&P with a blood worm dropper and the CQ streamer.

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