Here Comes The Rain!

Wow!  Looks like we might get some much needed rain.  Forecast says we will start seeing some rain late tonight, with a 90% chance of rain all day tomorrow, droppping to 60% by Saturday.  Much cooler temperatures for a couple days with Friday in the 70s and Saturday in the mid 80s. 

Little more generation these past few days.  Yesterday we had generation all day.  Tuesday it was on, then off, then on and off again in the later afternoon until midnight.  Today, we will not see generation until early afternoon when the equivalent of half a generator will come on and ramp up to a low two 3-4 hours later then off.

Stan on the water yesterday with Terry and Dorothy from Oklahoma.  Dorothy had a great day (she outfished Terry).  Their best pattern was the large black zebra with the brass beadhead.   One of our other customers was also out yesterday.  He and his friend, Howard, had a great morning on the small, size 18 black zebra with the copper beadhead.

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