Great Weekend Ahead!

Can’t believe I heard the weather folks say we will see temperatures in the 80s Friday and Saturday.  We’ll probably see low 90s, but that is certainly better than what we have had.  Slight chance of showers Sunday and again later in the week.  We will certainly take the rain.

Not much change in generation patterns.  On all day one of two days a week but mostly off, especially during the morning hours until noon or so.  Did have a surprise early on Tuesday when it cam on at 10:00 a.m.  Today is the equivalent of one generator all day.

Joe & Hunter – 8/7/12

How about that for a great father/son team?  Gina had Hunter and his father out again on Tuesday.  Hunter hooked up with some fish, but had more fun netting his father’s fish.  Slow start, but after the water came on and it settled out a little, they had a good full day on the ruby midge under the fur bug, a P&P and the big ruby.  Stan had another father/son out.  Fred, and his son, Troy, from Nixa spent the morning catching fish on the primrose & pearl midge.  And the last father/son group was with Jim.  John and Joshua, from Ballwin.  These new fly fishers caught most of their fish on the CQ streamer. 

Marilyn is working on her “bucket list”.  She and her husband David, took a half day instructional/catching trip with Jim yesterday.  Her bucket list has only just begun.  They both had a good time and caught fish on the rusty, ugly and copperheaded black zebra midges. 

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