Summer Is Definitely Here!

Looks like 100s for the six days with no moisture in sight.  Did have a short  shower yesterday that cooled us off for a brief period of time.  What a pleasant sound….rain drops!

Generation schedule continues to be pretty consistent.  Off in the mornings and early afternoon.  Generation start up has been around 2:00 p.m.  Last weekend we have most of the day with no generation.  Projection for today looks like noon or 1:00 p.m.

Stan on the water last Thursday (Boy!  am I behind?) with Adam from Blue Eye, and his father Eric.  Adam had his first experience fly fishing with Stan a couple months ago and decided his father had to give it a try.  They had a good day on the big ruby, the size 16 red midge and the size 18 ruby midge.  Water was off at put in but came on at 9:00 a.m. that day and then back off at noon.  Jim had Brandon and his friend Eric, from St. Louis out for the morning.  They did the red with red midge dropper, the CQ streamer and a bug eye bugger.

Friday, Darrell and Jim introduced Matt, David, Aaron and Isaac to fly fishing.  Good start for these guys from Oklahoma.   It was a P&P, black midge with copper head and brown midge day.

Mark and Wally - 7/14/12

Mark and his father, Wally, spend all day Saturday on the water with Carolyn.  Mark and his wife, Fran, took our two-day fly fishing school in 2010 and have been avid fly fishers (as much as they can) ever since.  Tying their own flies, the whole works!  We had a very good day on the water with the copper dun, size 18 when the water was down as well as stripping the olive streamer.  Once the water came on, it was the big ruby with a worm brown San Juan worm dropper.  Mark’s best fish of the day was a 17 inch rainbow and Wally was close behind him with a 16-1/2 incher. 

Carol Ann - 7/14/12

Jason, she loves it!  Jason and Carol Ann took a 1/2 day float with Carolyn on Tuesday.  It was Janson’s hope that she would like fly fishing.  Yes!  Carol Ann loves it!  As with any new skill, we still have some practicing to do, but she is going to be a good fly fisher.  They both did well well with the P&P midge as well as stripping the olive streamer.   Carol Ann got the largest fish of the day, a 17 inch rainbow.  Stay with it Carol Ann!

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