Good Soft Hackle Day!

Although the weather forecast say we are having temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s, it was in the upper 90s today…..and very humid.  Now, according to the forecast for the rest of the week, it should be in the low 90s with little chance of moisture until Wednesday of next week.  Let’s see…..

Other than yesterday, we have had no generation in the mornings, so that means wading time in the morning.  Yesterday, they ran something all day.  We had no generation until around noon today, but tomorrow looks like low one generator for a while then ramping up to high one and low two during the day. 

Darrell and Carolyn had the Louisiana Kerrs on the water most of the day this past Saturday.  Caught quite a few fish on the black zebra with the copper head, copper wire, primrose & pearl midge and holographic green crackleback.  Sunday was a soft hackle day.  It just fished good Sunday on several patterns.  Dawn and Carolyn fished the area just above Trophy Run as we noticed lots of fish dimpling the water.  Size 16 light olive soft hackle was wonderful!  When they layed off this pattern, we would switch to something else for a while, like a yellow soft hackle, the silver bullet crackleback, holographic green crackleback, and catch some more fish.  Once they layed off that, back to the light olive.  Also caught several on the primrose & pearl midge before we spotted the subsurface activity.  Meanwhile, James Albert was catching fish stripping the gray sculpin pattern.  Albert was having a wonderful day on the size 20 hare’s ear under a gray scud. 

Monday, Skip from Kansas, spent the day with Stan.  Better fishing in the morning before they started messing with the water levels…Up then down, the up and back down again.   With one unit going in the morning,  they did best on the big ruby midge and stripping the CQ olive streamer. 

Darrell had John from Minnesota out for half day this morning.  John has fished with Darrell back in 2006, and decided it was time again.  Caught most of their fish on the black midge with the copper head and copper rib.  Terry started fishing with us in 2005 and he came back and fishe with Jim today.  They had a pretty good day on the CQ streamer and an orange midge cluster.  Mike, from California, is trying to relocate to Branson.  Needed to take his mind off trying to sell and buy a house, he spent the day on the water with Stan.  Pretty good day on the big ruby, size 18 rusty and a size 12 gray flashback scud. 

Mixed reports on fishing today.  One guy was having a great day on a dark brown San Juan worm.  Two other guys came in and didn’t catch a thing on a brown San Juan.  Few others doing well stripping size 12 olive wooly buggers, and others on a brown scud.  Just depends on where you are.

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