Good Days, Work For Them Days!

Bet you know what the forecast is.  More hot weather, upper 90s to 100s and still no moisture in the forecast.

Generation schedule continues to be wader friendly.  Off in the morning, (when you really want to fish while it is still cooler) and on by noon to 2:00 p.m.  This past weekend we had little generation on Saturday, but generation all day Sunday.  So far this week, it has been the off a.m. and on early afternoon.

Alan and his son, Robert, took our two-day fly fishing school back in 2005 and I’m happy to day they are still chasing trout.  Alan spent all day Monday on the water with Stan.  Pretty good day for them on the P&P before generation, the big ruby after generation and the CQ streamer both before and after the water came on. 

Today, Jim had a couple of new fly fishers on the water, Britni and her younger brother, Chandler. These young folks from Oklahoma were quick learners and pulled a good number of fish on the P&P and rusty dun midges as well as the CQ streamer.  Darrell also had a couple new fly fishers Devon and Damon from Indiana.  They had a good day on the primrose & pearl midge.  One nice 17 inch rainbow.  Mike from, Oklahoma spent the morning on the water with Stan.  They too hooked fish on the primrose & pearl midge as well as the CQ olive streamer.  As we have been experiencing, the midges are catching fish, but certainly slower than pulling some type of streamer.

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