Fishing Up and Down….just like the water!

Looks like a cool off….upper 90s instead of low 100s!  At least for a couple days, then back to triple digits and no moisture to speak of in sight.

Generation continues to mostly be off in the a.m. each day and on around noon or later.  Sunday was an exception as we had generation all day yesterday.  I expect we will continue to see this trend.

Trish and nice rainbow - 7/18/12

Just like the water, fishing has been up and down.   Carolyn had a fun week as she spent Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the water with Trish and Mike from Texas.  Monday started off slow but finished up much better.  Caught a few on midges, the P&P and copper dun, but mainly stripping the CQ streamer or a mouse gray sculpin pattern.  Wednesday was a good day.  We pulled streamers most of the day, especially while the water was off.  Once it came on, it was the big ruby with a fl. pink San Juan dropper. 

Mike - 7/18/12

 Pulled more streamers at Lookout Island and on the drift out it was back to the ruby/San Juan combo.  Trish caught a nice rainbow on this rig further down river.  Friday was an afternoon drift and it started out great.  The water was rising when we got to the river and it fished good on streamers on the sinking leader.  Red midge through the Trophy Run area and back to streamers further down.  Then the water shut down and so did the fish.  Still a nice float that afternoon munching on watermelon and cherries. 

Friday morning Carolyn had Laura and Scott from Oklahoma out again.  This was Laura’s second time on the water and everything is really starting to come together.  Her cast is looking great, and it was good near the end of our time on the water to hear her say “just a few more casts!”  She brought in a nice 17 inch rainbow stripping the CQ.  Good day for both of them.  We would experience a period of 10-15 minutes where nothing would be happening, but move up or down stream just a little and the bite was on again.  

Jim on the water Saturday with Gary from Washington.  New experience for Gary so Jim spent time on the basics, casting, line management, and hooking and playing fish.  They had a pretty good day on the P&P, ruby and a brown midge. 

Sunday, Ken and his father-in-law, Tom, spend the morining with Jim.  I think these guys from Texas thought our weather was not that hot.  They experienced quite a bit of water fluctuation yesterday so it was a little off.  But, they did land some fish on the CQ streamer, size 12 ruby midge, and the size 18 ruby and size 14 miracle scud.

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