Did I Hear Low 90s?

The weather men this morning and my two other sources for weather all say we are going to see low 90s tomorrow with a very slight chance of scattered showers.  Tuesday looks like mid 90s then back to the upper 90s and l0w 100s for the rest of the week.  A little break would be nice!

More of the same on generation.  No generation in the mornings.  During this weekend, we have not been generation until 3:00 p.m. yesterday and are not supposed to see any today until 6:00 p.m. for about three hours.  It stayed on yesterday until 8:00 p.m. 

Jim out Friday with Jeff from Illinois.  Brand new fly fisher, so it was an instructional trip.  Got him to throwing a pretty good line so they were stripping and catching on the CQ olive streamer in a size 10.  Darrell had Daniel and his wife, Angela, out for half a day.  They hail out of the St. Louis area and Daniel wanted to get his wife some experience fly fishing.  Their best pattern was the size 18 ruby midge.

Dannie - 7/1/12

Today, Stan and Darrell had the Hoving family from Texas out for the morning.  Dwayne fishes alot all over the place.  He is leaving soon for Canada where he will be doing small mouth fishing.  First time for all the the other family members, Debbie and their two daughters, Gabbie (8), and Dannie (13).    Gabbie had a couple fish on, but soon decided she was going to be official netter for her father’s fish.  Debbie and Dannie caught fish on  the black midge with a copper head and copper ribbing.  Dwayne was catching his fish on the P&P and the black/copper midge.  Everyone had a fun morning and enjoyed the cool water!  Keep it up ladies!

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