Anyone Ready For Cooler Temperatures?!

Looking out through this week and into next week, there seems to be no relief in sight for the heat.  Very little chance of moisture, but lots of 100 and a few upper 90 degree days ahead. 

Very little change in the generation patterns.  Off almost every day until noon or 1:00 p.m.  Then a low one, bumped up to a full one or low two for most of the balance of the day.  Thrown in there some time during the week will be generation all day at a low one to start then ramping up to two or three by afternoon.  We are getting quite a bit of wading time and some nice low water flow drift days.

Working on that roll cast - 7/26/12

Fun day on the water for Carolyn last Wednesday and Thursday.  Angela and her son, Henry, have been wanting to learn how to fly fish since she saw “The River Runs Through It”.  So, Wednesday, they did the classroom stuff, knots, lines, leaders, bugs, etc. and casting.   Thursday we started off the day refreshing the roll cast

One of Henry's first on fly rod - 7/26/12

and pick up and lay down casts.  Once we got that under our belts, it was on to learning the various presentation methods.  Worked on nymph style fishing using the black zebra midge with the copper head and copper wire.  Not fast and furious on this pattern but they worked on mending and line management.  On to pulling streamers!  Casts are getting good and lots of fun

Angela and one of her first - 7/26/12

catching on the CQ streamer.  Both did well with this and really liked this kind of fishing best. 

Stan was out Thursday with Mike, from Oklahoma, and his son-in-law Rusty.  A little slow start in the morning, but certainly picked up later in the morning and especially when they turned on one unit.  Big ruby about 5 feet deep or the CQ streamer where they could find a seam or slightly slower water using the intermediate sinking leader.

Friday, Jim and Carolyn had Scott and his son Mitch and Mitch’s friend Caleb out for half a day.  Jim took the boys and Carolyn took Scott.  By the time the half day was over, Jim not only had the boys throwning line, but 200 grain sinking leader line.  They had a very good day on the CQ streamer.  Scott and Carolyn had a good day on the black zebra midge under the big ruby.  Saw a lot of fish, rolled one really nice fish and had a good time.

Stan took Mike and his son, Cameron, from Indiana out Saturday.  These new to fly fishing guys had a good time and caught fish on the copper head black zebra, the primrose & pearl midge and the CQ streamer.  I think son may have outfished his father!

Mike and Mica - 7/29/12

 Mike and his daughter Mica, from Oklahoma, spent Saturday and Sunday mornings on the water with Gina.  Since they were both new to fly fishing, she worked with them on casting and they certainly finished up catching.  Great day, great memories.  A rusty midge and stripping the tiger tail were their flies for the two day.  Nice 17-1/2″ rainbow rounded off the trip.

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