Still Getting Quite A Bit Of Wading Time!

Days have been a little warm and humid.  Slight chances of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon into tonight.   Looks like we are in for a whole week of hot, 90 degree temperatures with another slight chance of showers by Friday and probably warmer over the weekend.

Generation schedule has been pretty agreeable for the waders.  Monday it was off in the morning, but Tuesday it was on in the morning and stayed off until Wednesday afternoon.  Wading time Thursday morning, but limited wading Friday as they generated something all day.  Saturday was a good wading day, but we have had low one to a low one generators today.  Projection for tomorrow is no generation until noon…..we’ll see about this one! 

Jim on the water last Monday with Curt from Illinois.  Whale of a thunderstorm blew through while they were out fishing.  Despite the weather, they did catch from fish on the rusty midge, a blood worm and a size 12 wooly bugger.

Jonathan - 6/12/12

Tuesday, Stan & Carolyn took Peter, Mac, Briggs and Jonathan out for half a day. Pretty good day.   The two young guys, Briggs and Jonathan, were new to fly fishing, but both of them did great and landed a few fish.  Best pattern for the day was the size 18 rusty and a size 16 ruby midge.   Jim had Steve, from Illinois, out for his first half day trip.  They had a good day Tuesday, but an even better half day on Wednesday.  Best patterns were the rusty midge, blood worm and an size 16 gray scud. 

Wednesday, Gina took Jim and his grand daughter, Daylynn out for half a day  Grandpa wanted to treat his grand daughter to a new experience, fly fishing.

Daylynn - 6/13/12

Daylynn caught on quickly and had a good time.  their best patterns were a size 18 gray scud, the ruby midge and even one on each stripping the olive filoplume and an olive streamer.   Stan had Brent from Wisconsin out all day Wednesday.  Brent fly fishes quite a bit and they had a very good day on the holographic green crackleback, the P&P, rusty, black and ruby midges. 

Scott, from Texas, spent Thursday morining floating with Darrell.  Good day for them on the P&P midge.  Carolyn had Charlotte and Carol, from Arkansas out for half a day too.  Started off a little slow in the early morning, but definitely picked up later in the day on the ruby midge.  Good casters and good fishers.  Jim had Devin, from Oklahoma, out for a half day instructional catching trip.  Worked on casting and other techniques as well as catching.  They did well on the dark olive bugger, a rusty midge, size 18 gray scud and a blood worm.

Friday, Don and Diane from Texas took a half day trip with Jim.  They caught some fish, but it was a bit off (won’t repeat how Jim described the day).  Best patterns were an olive wooly, ruby and red midges.

Keramia with 1st trout on fly rod -06/16/12

New ladies on the water half a day with Carolyn Saturday, Keramia and Marushka.  This was Marushka’s second time and Keramia’s first.  Both laides are doing very well with their casting, hooking and playing fish.  Marushka has already decided that she likes stripping flies better than nymph-style fishing.  No one best patterns that morning, but fished a black zebra, rusty zebra and an olive streamer.  Darrell had their husbands, Dan and Malcomb our for the day.   The guys had a very good day on an olive streamer, the ugly midge as well as the ruby midge.  Stan had Doc and Terry, from Oklahoma out all day.  They too had a very good day on the P&P, ruby and black zebra midges. 

Kevin, from Jefferson City, spent Sunday morning with Jim.  Fairly new fly fisher, so they worked on skills as well as catching fish.  Best patterns were the olive streamer, sizes 14 and 16 ruby midges.  Stan and Dana, also had some fairly new fly fishers from Springfield out.  Bryan is brand new.  He and his brother, David, thought this would be a good way to spent part of the day with their father, Craig, for Father’s Day.  A good time had by all and catching fish on the size 18 ruby as well as the big ruby, and the holographic green crackleback.  Bryan also has a fish swimming around with a peach egg in his mouth.

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