Nice Rainbow!

What can I say about the weather except HOT!  And, it looks like it will hang around for a while. 

Generation has been weird….to say the least.  That is, several days this past week.  If you were around Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, you would have wondered if there was a short in the horn alert for water release or did we add more generators.  There were times, at least it seemed that way, that the horn was going off every couple hours or so.  We did talk to one of the guys at the dam and he said they were working on something to do with the releases, so they blew the horn every time they release a little water.   I think we are back to normal now.

Forgot to mention Stan’s trip a week ago this past Thursday.  He has Phil, from this area, and his visiting son, Shane, out for the morning.  They had a good day on the P&P, Ruby and black zebra midges. 

Monday, Darrell took John and Mindy from Springfield, out for half a day.  They had a good morning on the P&P.  Jim had Carmen and Jeff out for a half day trip.  These two have been fishing with Jim since 2002!  Very good day for them pulling an olive streamer.

Carolyn took Michael and his son Jerrod out for a spin Tuesday.  Weird water day, but we did catch fish on the ruby midge and pulling the olive streamer and a holographic green crackleback.  Michael is from Kansas and Jerrod is from the Kansas City area. 

Thursday was another one of those funny water days.  Stan had Ken from Texas out for the morning.  Despite the weird water flow, they had a pretty good day on the big ruby, dark olive soft hackle, and an holographic green crackleback.  Looked like rain and some weather when they started out, but it cleared up and was a beautiful day to be on the water.

Yesterday, Darrell took Mike, from Arkansas, out for half a day.  Pretty good day on the olive streamer and a holographic green crackleback.  Jim also had his couple, John and Patty, from Florida pulling the olive streamer.  They also caught fish on a size 14 1and 16 ruby midge. 

Jim and nice rainbow - 6/23/12

Jim had Jim and his daughter, Kathy, from Arizona, out this morning.  Jim hooked into this nice rainbow pulling the olive streamer (we’re trying to come up with a name for this fly).  They also did well on a gold crackleback.

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