Ketchup Time Again!

Great weather and great water.  Weather has been great the past few days.  We received some much needed rain on Monday.  Mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s.  Looks like this trend will continue with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the low 90s to upper 80s.  Slight chance of rain Friday and Sunday.  

Lots of wading time every morning the past six days.  Yesterday was an  except as they started the day with a low one generator and then turned it off around 11:00 a.m. Yesterday’s projection was for low flow all day.  That’s alright…made wading good in the afternoon.  Today it was off today until around 1:00 p.m.   Tomorrow the projection is for no generation until 1:00 p.m., then on for four hours (low one generator), and off. 

Karen - 6/4/12

Karen’s first time fly fishing was last October.   This year she came back with a life-long friend, Mickey, and the two of them spent half a day last Monday with Carolyn.  This was Mickey’s first time fly fishing and she caught on quickly, as did Karen on her first trip.  We had a fun and good catching day on the water using the size 18 ruby midge and

Mickey - 6/4/12

stripping the olive filoplume on a sinking leader.  The guys, Mark  and Tim were with Stan.  They were catching their fish on the primrose & pearl midge. 

Tuesday, Jim had John and Chris, from Wildwood, MO. out for the day.  Good day on the size 12 ruby, the size 16 red midge and a gold bug eye bugger.  

Carolyn took Laura, from Oklahoma, out for a half day instructional trip.  Her husband, Scott, came along for the ride as they were running water.  We definitely improved on the casting.  She hooked several on the big ruby midge, but her best pattern and technique of the day was stripping the holographic green crackleback.  Good day for her on this pattern. 

Several of us on the water Friday. 

Mary’s first trout on fly rod 6/8/12

John from Aurora, had booked a full day a full day trip with Gina. His wife, Mary decided to come along and learn about fly fishing.  So, they spent half a day on the water and Gina worked with Mary most of the time on casting, and presentation.  Quick learner and it was no time and they were catching fish on the ruby midge and stripping the olive filoplume.  

John - 6/8/12

Carolyn had JP and his father, George, from the Kansas City area on the water Friday.  We started out with the size 18 rusty midge and JP caught a nice 17-18 inch rainbow.  He escaped before we could get a picture.  Once the fish layed off the rusty, it was the size 18 ruby.  Stan was out with Bob from here in Branson.  They too, did best on the ruby midge.  John, also from Branson, was with Jim.  They had a good day on the ugly midge, a size 18 gray scud with a blood 

JP - 6/8/12

worm dropper.  It was one of those weird days.  Some places, we dropped to 7X to get the fish to take our flies.  We would see them come up and look, then swim away.  As soon as we dropped to 7X, the catching was on… was the breaking off of flies!  Move to different water and we were back to 6X.  

Two more fly fishers on the water. 

Lynda's first on fly rod - 6/9/12

Lynda and Rich, from Belle, Mo. took Carolyn’s two-day fly fishing school Saturday and Sunday.   Rich recently retired and they are looking for something to do together.  They have definitely found it!  Fun couple and both caught on quickly.  Saw lots of good casts, but also some not so good…..mostly good though.  Lynda caught most of her fish on the rusty midge.  Rich caught

Rich - 6/9/12

several on the rusty midge and also did well stripping the holographic green crackleback.  He was fishing shallow, moving water, so he only had on a size 6 split shot above the crackleback to get it down a little. 

Fishing has been fair to good, to very good depending on where you are and the time of day.  There are definitely days when it fishes much better the further you go down the river. 

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