That is about all you an say about the weather…..HOT!  Temperatures hovering close to or in the 100 degree range for the next 7-8 days and not even a hint of rain! 

We had most of Saturday and Sunday with no generation.  They ran a little late Saturday afternoon and then three generators Sunday afternoon , dropping down overnight then back up to a low two through Monday.  Tuesday it was low one generator from midnight until 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning; off for 4-5 hours, then back up to a low two.  We had no generation today until 2:00 p.m. and it is currently flowing at a low two.

Jim had his couple from Hawaii, Colleen and Wayne, out half a day on Sunday.  They had a good day and Colleen landed a beautiful 21-1/2″ rainbow on the CQ streamer.  They also caught some on an orange crackleback. 

Monday, Stan took Dennie, from Joplin, and his brother Bob, from Washington out for the afternoon.  They didn’t get enough Monday afternoon, so they went again yesterday and….guess what? they are on the water again today.  Not certain what all they have been fishing, but I know they have been catching fish.  Dennie caught the most yesterday, and I heard Bob was ahead today.  (Dennie said he felt sorry for him, so he was letting him catch more fish today!)

Tuesday Jim took a new fly fisher out to teach him the “ropes” of fly fishing.  By the time they were finished, he was false casting with the best of them….well pretty good anyway.  There’s always room for practice.  They also caught some fish in the process on the CQ, a gray scud and a red midge.  Tom, from Texas, really took a liking to fly fishing!

Wednesday it was back on the river again for Wayne and Colleen with Jim.  This was a full day, but with the heat, they came off a little early.  Still had a good day, mainly on the CQ streamer.  Darrell and Dana were on the river for half a day with a group from the Missouri Holstein Assn.  Darrell had John and Brady.  They caught fish on the ruby and ugly midge.  Dana’s guys, Brian and Brandon, caught fish on the ruby midge and a peach egg.

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