Some Days Better Than Others…That’s Fishing!

Had a short burst of rain come through this afternoon.  It didn’t last too long and probably did not dump very much rain in the area.  Forecast for tomorrow is another chance of rain.  Once we get through tomorrow, looks like no more rain until Sunday and Monday of next week.  Temperatures a little cooler; inthe mid to upper 70s.  Looks like quite a bit of sunshine.

What can I say about the generation pattern.  The projection for this weekend was a lot one generator all weekend.  Guess what?  We had not generation yesterday morning and nothing again today.  They did turn it on yesterday at noon.  Ran a low one generator for two hours and turned on two at 3:00 p.m. followed by three at 4:00 p.m.  Today they did not turn anything on until 4:00 p.m.  Looks like one generator then two generators by 6:00 p.m.  Projection for tomorrow is again, a low one most of they day.  It will be interesting to see if it is zero again until some time late morning or early afternoon.  Sure does make planning difficult doesn’t it?

Darrell on the water Friday with Nick and his brother Michael.  They had a  good day on the primrose & pearl midge and pulling the 56er.  Mike and Nick liked this pattern so well, they were on the water again Saturday catching fish on the 56er. 

Saylor's heading to the water - 5/5/12

Saturday, Marcie and Bob took their grand daughter, Haley, out for her first experience fly fishing.  Beautiful day and, at least for while, the water was off!  Haley was quick to learn the roll cast and the pick up and lay down cast.  We still need a little work on setting the hook.  Once she had one on the hook, she did a fine job of bringing in the fish.  Neat young lady who is into Irish dancing.   Grandmother, Marcie is also working on hook set.  She loves to fly fish and has a very good cast and line management….but she gets so excited when she gets a hit, watch out for that hook set!  Love it!  Grandfather, Bob, was with Stan and they caught almost all their fish on the the big ruby and the size 18 ruby dropper.  That was the pattern of the day in Carolyn’s boat too.  Fishing was definitely not as fast and furious as it had been earlier in the week but we were getting hits and catching fish.   Monday, last week, was awesome.  Tuesday was still very good.  Wednesday was not as good.  And, by Friday and Saturday, it was okay, but certainly not fast and furious.  Jim was on the river with Dale.  He had him on the water experimenting with new modification to the red ass.  Seems it worked pretty good for for them.  Maybe a new pattern in the works.

Talked to some fishers coming in to the shop and they have all said it was a pretty good day today.  Grey scuds were working well in the Hatchery area.  Stan and Dana had a guide’s day on the water and had a good day on the Hare’s ear nymphs.  When they slowed down on this, the size 18 olive midge started working.  When the wind came up and they quit this pattern, the primrose and pearl worked for a while.  Picked up a couple on the size 22 black midge and it was time to get off as a storm was heading our way.

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