Lots Of Waders In The Water Today!

Another day of no generation until 3:00 p.m.   Turned on the equivalent of one generator.  Pretty high to wade in some areas.  When I checked at 4:00 p.m., the level was at 705.3.  Supposed to run for a while and then shut down again.  No generation is projected for tomorrow until noon or after. 

Hot day out there, but there was enough wind at times to cool you off.  Looks like a slight chance of rain  with the biggest chances still Wednesday evening into Thursday.  Otherwise, temperatures today and tomorrow in the 90s.  Mid 80s for Wednesday and mid 70s for Thursday.  Wow!  Friday looks like upper 60s.  But, the trend appears to be going upward Saturday and Sunday. 

Lots of waders on the water today.  Probably the most I have seen all year.  Holiday weekend and no generation….it’s good to be standing in the cool water. 

Nate - 5/26/12

Darrell had Jeff, and his son, Nate, on the water both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  They had a couple very good mornings.  Saturday it was the ruby midge and Sunday it was an olive/black midge and the burgundy midge. 

Jeff - 5/27/12

Monday, Jim had Tom, from Okalahoma on the water again.  They had a very good day on the gold bug eye, a rusty midge and a blood worm.  Jim said he just rowed from moving water to moving water.  Gerald and his son, Matt, decided they wanted to learn how to fly fish, so they spent the morning on the water with Dana.  Off to a good start using the primrose & pearl midge.  Said they had a fun time and learned a lot.  The price is “ballroom dancing lessons”.  That’s what Malcolm is paying for his wife Marushka to learn how to fly fish.  Marushka spent the morning on the water with Carolyn learn the roll cast, basic cast and shooting some line. 

Marushka and Malcolm 052812

I hope she stays with it was she I think she will make a very good fly fisher.  As she said “she’s her own worst critic”.  She does prefer stripping as opposed to nymph type fishing.  It’s lots of fun to fee the fish take the fly.  Keep practicing! 

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