Weather was wonderful, especially yesterday when it was in the 80s after the rain went through.  Today it was again in the 80s but it was a bit windy.  Looks like we have a continuation of 80 degree temperatures through the weekend plus plenty of sunshine.  No chances of rain in the forecast at this time.

Ran the water over the weekend.  Then, turned it off Monday and again today.  As I said before, didn’t make a lot of sense to run it on the weekend and turn it off during the week.  But, the way it fished yesterday and today…..who cares!  Fishing has been grrreat the past two days.  According to the projection, it will be off again tomorrow until 2:00 p.m.  We did get some rain last night.  Remains to be seen as to how much impact it will have on Table Rock, and, in turn, on Taneycomo. 

David - 4/30/12

David, from Oklahoma, decided he wanted to learn how to fly fish, so he contacted us and we provided a one-person fly fishing clinic.  He spent the morning in classroom learning knots, bugs, equipment and a basic understanding of tippets, leaders and the various fly line configurations.  Worked out well as it was raining Monday morning.  Once he got through all this, it was to the water to learn the roll cast and the pick up and lay down cast.  Roll cast came pretty quickly so, it was soon time for him to tie on a fly and work on presentation.  Biggest issue to learn was recognizing a “hit”.  Still some work to do there, but casting definitely improved during the afternoon as well as catching.  I believe he is definitely going home and practice and it a new member of to the sport of fly fishing!   Welcome David! 

Gary - 21" rainbow - 5/1/12

Stan on the water today with Phil of Branson, and his friend, Gary from Kansas.  Living in Kansas, doubt that Gary gets to fish for trout as frequently as Phil.   But he made up for it today.  Nice 21″ rainbow that he caught on the holographic green crackleback.  They had a wonderful day on the crackleback and a size 18 ruby midge.  Almost everyone who came into the shop today had had a great day.  Catching lots of fish on almost everything for the past two days.  It’s been one of those get a fly into the water and you’ll probably catch a fish.  Shannon had great success today on his hot hare  nymph.  He was fishing with Mac who lives at Pointe Royale and Mac was catching on the holographic green crackleback.  Another fellow came in and he had had a awesome day on the size 12 olive wooly bugger.  The WD40, size 14 hare’s ear soft hackle, rusty midge, primrose & pearl midge…the list goes on.  I don’t know if it could get much better.  Better go fishing…soon!

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