What A Day!

Looks like our best chances for rain will be Sunday or Monday, depending on who you listen to.  After that, we’re out of the wooods until much later in the week or into next week.  Temperatures continue in the 70 to low 80s. 

I think we have things all mixed up.  They have had the generators off for a good while every day this week except Friday, today and, according to the projection, Sunday.  Monday, they are projecting no generation.  Shouldn’t it be just the opposite?  Run during the week and turn it off for the weekend.  Oh well, gives us something to grunch about.

Ed and Sue from Ohio, spent Wednesday morning on the river with Stan.  These folks do quite a bit of fly fishing and had never fish Taneycomo.  They had a good day, especially on the size 14 Hare’s ear soft hackle.  Also caught some on the holographic green crackleback.   Think they liked our fishery and will come back. 

Now what more could a guy ask for than to have three lovely ladies on the “creek” at one time.  Jim spent Thursday morning in the water with Linda, her daughter Pam, and her grand daughter, Reagan, teaching them the fine art of fly fishing.  Everyone caught fish, and they had a great time.  Primrose & pearl midge and blood worm were their pattern’s of the day. 

Cale - 4/26/12

Darrell was in a teaching mode too.  He had Jim and his grandson, Cale out for the morning.  Jim learnd how to fish with us a couple years ago, and thought it was time his grandson learned.  they had a fun and productive day on the ruby midge.  Cale doesn’t say much, but he sure knows how to smile!  Jim and Cale are from Oklahoma.

Friday, Jim took Dwan and his friend Allan out for a half day.  Dwan has fished with Jim several years now and brought Allan to learn what it is all about.  Lots of instruction mixed in with catching.  Another red midge day, with the size 18 dropped off the size 16 one.  also landed some on the bug-eyed bugger. 

Today was a “remember when” day as far as catching is concerned.  Rick and Kritsi from near St. Louis, fish with us several times a year.  Today was one of those casting and catching days.  Lots of fish to the boat, mainly on the big ruby midge.  Also caught some on the crackleback.  There was no wind today and the generators were keeping the level right around 705. feet.  Great drift.

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