Has Texas Moved?

What can I say about the weather.  Blue skies, sunshine, wind (we’re getting used to that) and nice temperatures.  However, a change in the near forecast.  Looks like some scattered thunderstorms late tonight and tomorrow morning.  Worse part of tomorrow will be winds….again…or still!  Also a drop in the temperature for tomorrow with mid 60s.  Saturday looks clear with mid 60s again, but from Sunday through the coming week looks sunny, warm and dry.

Very little non-generation time over the past week.  Off for a few hours very early Monday morning and again Tuesday morning.  We have the equivalent of two generators most of today.  Table Rock is about half a foot above power pool and Beaver is just a little over half a foot above power pool.  Once we get everyone to power pool, we might see a change in generation pattern….please note I said might!

From the trips we have had on the water the past few days, it seems Texas has moved.  The exceptions were Wanda and Joanna who spent Monday morning on the water with Carolyn.  Not a great day for these two, they usually catch a big fish or lots of normal fish.  Monday was none of the above, but they did catch some fish.  It was a great day except for the pollen laying in certain area on the water.  Some areas could not be fished caught the pollen was causing us a bit of grief.  Best pattern was the ruby midge.  Jim had David and Pam, from Texas, out for a full day of learning and catching.  This was David’s birthday present….Happy Birthday David!  Worked on casting, and hooking them and keeping them.  Best patterns were a black/olive bugger, crystal sowbug and the gray scud.

Tuesday, it was Stan, Darrell and Jim on the water with Dan, Rick, Lou, Richard, Jim and Russ.  Most of these guys were from Texas.  Obviously, with a group like this, they had a hoot of a day. Stan’s guys (Dan and Rick) had a good day on the red midge, olive wooly bugger and late in the day, the Primrose & Pearl midge.  Darrell’s guys (Lou & Richard) did well on the ruby midge and the olive wooly bugger.  Jim’s guys (Jim & Russ) had a good day on the red midge, a crystal sowbug, an olive bug-eyed bugger and a red San Juan worm. 

Mountain Dance - 4/18/12

Yesterday, Jack and Mary Kay…..from Texas were on the water with Stan and their friend, Carolyn (also from Texas), was with Carolyn.  Carolyn is half Cherokee so we called her by her indian name, Mountain Dance.  All good fly flingers and we had a beautiful day, catching fish on the red midge, the fl pink San Juan worm and a size 12 olive wooly bugger.  What a fun day on the water with Mountain Dance!

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