Up and Running!

Well, the rains we received last week left about four feet of extra water in Table Rock and five feet in Beaver.  We have seen four generators running 24 hours/day since March 22.  This means a lot of flow going through the generators and a tailwater level of 710.0 feet plus or minus.  Our normal wading tailwater level is around 701.8 feet.  I imagine we will see this kind of generation for a few weeks.  Hopefully, we won’t get another big rain! 

Otherwise, weather is great!  Upper 70s today and lots of sunshine and very little wind.  Looks like low 80s through Wednesday.  Wednesday through Saturday there is a 30% chance of rain, but we will go into April in the low 70s and partly sunny skies.  Hard to believe we have had this kind of weather.

Jim - 3/23/2012

Stan had Jim from Arkansas on the high water Friday morning for half a day.  Not a bang up day, but they caught fish on the big ruby, size 12, and a size 16 red midge.  I went out for a couple hours to get a feel for the river and caught several fish on a red San Juan worm with a tungsten 1/8″ bead tied in the middle of it to get it down.  All the fish Jim caugth as well as the ones I caught were nice.

Saturday, we had three boats floating the current.  Darrell had Tom from Kansas out for the morning.  They had a pretty good day on the holographic green crackleback and the red midge.  Larry and Andrew from the St. Louis area, spent the day with Stan.  They too had a pretty good day.  They were fishing the red midge, a primrose & pearl midge and a beadhead olive wooly bugger.  More fish but they were a little smaller on Saturday than they were on Friday.  Dana had Kelly and Blake out half a day.  They boated a some fish on the steelhead orange egg pattern and an olive wooly bugger. 

Today, Stan took Mike and Matt out for half a day.  Little slower today than Saturday, but they boated fish on the primrose & pearl and red midges.  Fairly new fly fishers who got baptized by heavy water.

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