Happy Fisher!

Another beautiful day in the Ozarks!  Sun shinning with temperatures in the upper 70s and very little wind.  Nice change!  Looks like we will be dry through the weekend, but slight chances of rain Monday.  Temperatures in the 80s until probably early next week when it will drop to the upper 60s, but once we get past the rain chances Monday, back into the 70s by Wednesday. 

Yes they are still running generators almost full board every day.  Backed off a little the past two day, 12,000 cfs instead of 14,000 cfs.  Not much difference to notice at these levels.  Like I said in my last report, we will probably see this for a couple more weeks and then we’ll have to see what they do with Beaver Lake as far as releasing the extra water they picked up during the rain.

Darby - 3/29/12

Darby, from Texas, spent the morning on the river with Stan.  They had a very good day on a size 12 BH olive wooly bugger and a size 12 holographic green crackleback stripping them with the intermediate sinking line.   I think when he got back to the shop, he was ready to go do it again!

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