We have had a few days of more seasonal weather.  Friday never made it out of the low 40s and despite the weather forecast, which called for sunshine and mid 40s by afternoon, temperatures dropped and we never saw the light!  Yesterday was another 40s day, but we did see some sun.  Today it’s working its way into the low 30s but there is lots of sunshine and very little wind.  Tomorrow, according to the forecast, is not going to be very nice.  Looks like light snow in the morning, wintry mix by afternoon with the high in the low 30s.  Maybe an inch of something.  Good news is that by Tuesday, we will be back into the 40s, maybe even mid 40s.  Maybe some showers Wednesday, but back into the 50s by the weekend. 

Generation has been pretty non-stop except for 4-5 hours from midnight until early the next morning.  Almost every day they cut back the generators to one for six hours or so, so there is some limited wading during this time.

Carolyn out Friday afternoon with Josh from Salem, Missouri and his uncle, David.  This was that day it was supposed to warm up and sunny up in the afternoon….NOT.  As a matter of fact, by the time we came off the water, it was 33 degrees according to the gauge in the car.  The worst part of the day was the wind.  Couple generators going and the wind would take us up stream.  Tough on the casters!  Despite the less than desirable weather, it was a pretty good day on the creek!  We pulled fish on at a pretty steady pace all afternoon on the red size 12 tungsten midge.  Also well on the red San Juan worm as long as the tungsten bead was in tact.

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