Good Day, Windy Day, Tough Day!

Weather continues to be great, except for a bit of wind here and there.  Temperatures will probably be in the low 60s today and we are expecting pretty much those temperatures through Friday.  However, rain is in the forecast for Tuesday and a slight chance of moisture on Friday.  Weekend looks like mid to upper 50s right now.

Generation schedule this week has been wader friendly.  Everyday the generators have shut down.  The shut down as been as early as 10:00 a.m. and as late as noon.  Most of the days it has stayed off until 5:00 p.m.  I think one day it started up at 4:00 p.m.  Off almost all day today.  It was on for two hours this morning and will be off the rest of the day.

Stay on the water Thursday with Curt from Walnut Grove.  Curt was wanting to learn more than catching.  They worked on stripping, sink tips, midging, working sculpins, the whole gamut.  He had a great day of  learning and even caught lots of fish.  Their best patterns were the primrose & pearl midge and the holographic green crackleback.  However, he did catch or have hits on everything different pattern and method he tried. 

Jim blew onto the water Friday with George and Brad from St. Louis.  Jim described the winds as “typhoon winds”.  He was blown off anchor several times during the day.  Despite the winds, the guys did manage to catch some fish on the rusty midge and a gray scud. 

Saturday, Stan took Don and Mark out for a half day of working on various stripping methods.  They wanted to broaden their bag of tricks when trying to catch fish.  They worked on several different methods, but it was just plain tough fishing yesterday.  I talked to several folks who has fished  various places on the river yesterday as well as several of us out fishing, and everyone agreed that it was just plain tough.  The best pattern for some was the primrose & pearl midge.  Nothing seemed to work consistently very long.  You’d catch a fish or two on something and then nothing.  Tried pulling sculpins and the only color they seemed to want more than once was the mouse gray.  They hardly looked at the crackleback although we caught a few on this.  Even some friends who fished the White and Norfork yesterday said it was tough down there.  Must have been something in the air as I am getting good reports on fishing today.

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