Basking In The Sun!

We continue to experience above normal temperatures.  Today through Wednesday is forecast to be in the 60s.  We are expecting some rain, possibly heavy at times, to move into the area some time tonight and continue through most of tomorrow.  Thursday we might hit 70, but definitely in the upper 60s.  Another chance of rain for Friday, but temperatures will remain mild, into the mid to upper 50s by the weekend, and more warmup next week. 

Taneycomo was definitely wader friendly this past week, and, unless we get a lot of rain out of the forecasted rain for late tonight and tomorrow, we will probably continue to see wader friendly water.  However, let’s see what we get from this rain coming in.   Pretty much according to the projections, the generators have shut down by 11;00 a.m and not coming back on until around 5:00 p.m.

If this fishing report was written after being on the water Saturday, I would have said fishing is tough.  However, yesterday renewed my faith in this fishery.  Great day. 

Dawn & Carolyn's Double - 2/27/12

Not only were the fish cooperating, the weather was awesome.  Warm sunshine just made you want want to sit back and bask in the sun.  Every once in a while there would be a gust of wind, but the biggest interruption was the fishing.  Dawn, Albert, James Albert, and I spent a few hours on the water yesterday afternoon.  Once we figured it out, there was very little down time between hits or bringing in a fish.  Don’t know how many times I looked back to the boat Albert and James Albert were in and both of them had bend rods.  Best combination was a size 18 primrose & pearl midge with a size 18 light gray scud dropper.  Fish were taking streamers, but the only one they consistently were interested in was a mouse gray articulated sculpin pattern.  We would get one or two stripping olive buggers or the holographic green crackleback but nothing as consistent as the sculpin.  Not only was the fishing very active, the quality of the fish was better than we have seen for a while.  Good day on the river!

FYI – Yes, a tornado hit Branson early this morning.  These is quite a bit of damage on the “strip”, but they are saying much of it will be back up and running as soon as they clear the debris left from damaged buildings, power poles and trees.  Our side of town where the shop is located had little, if any damage.  We are all fine and thank all of you for your calls and concern.

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