One Less Day Of Winter Weather.

Well, they backed off the weather forecast a little from earlier this week.  Looks like we will only be in the upper 40s Thursday, low 50s Friday and Saturday and low to mid 60s Sunday.  No rain in the forecast until Tuesday.  We did have a cold front come through early Tuesday.  Cold yesterday and it was in the teens this morning.  Good news….I see lots of sunshine and it is supposed to be in the mid 40s today.  As long as we keep seeing all these good days, it is just one less day of winter weather…..January is over half over.

The generation schedule has been pretty close.   We did have lots of off generation over the weekend as projected.  Monday we had generation in the morning, off for 7 or so hours, then back on for a couple.  It was off  yesterday until 6:00 p.m.  They had projected some generation in the a.m., but it did not happen.  So far today, they are right on.  We are seeing the four generators right not and should have generation until noon; off for only four hours today, and then back on.  As always….to be continued!

Monday, a couple guys from the Carthage area, Harry and his friend, Carl, spent the day on the water with Jim.  I know Harry had a great day.  He landed a beautiful 25 inch, heavy girth Brown!  They estimated it at about 8 pounds.  Caught this beauty pulling Jim’s jailhouse sculpin.  They also landed some fish on the red and a San Juan dropper.  With the water off, they had the water flowing back upstream experience.  Pretty interesting when you see your patterns going up instead of downstream! 

Know I sound like a broken record, but it is fishing very good.  One of our customers came in late yesterday and said he had caught over 50 fish yesterday afternoon, mainly pulling olive buggers.  A young man and his father were in Monday and they had each caught over 20 in just a few hours that morning.

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