New Wading Boot Regulations Soon

Just a little heads up for all the people who fish Missouri’s cold-water trout hatcheries and the upper portion of Lake Taneycomo here in Branson, Missouri.  Effective March 1, 2012, porous-soled waders and wading boots will be banned.  They are trying to prevent the introduction of Didymo, commonly referred to as “rock snot”.  This alga is not currently found in Missouri, however, didymo is as close as the White River just south of Missouri’s border.  Felt-sole waders and wading boots, worn by many trout anglers, appear to be a likely pathway for the spread of didymo.  Felt soles are porous and hold moisture for days.  A single cell of didymo can survive in the sole of the boot and then be introduced unknowingly to the next stream the angler visits.  The Missouri Department of Conservation has found a temporary fix for felt-soled waders or boots to make them non-porous.  You can check this out by going to:

On a more pleasant subject, fishing continues to be good.  Beautiful day out there today and not only are they catching lots of trout, one fellow who came in this morning caught about a 10 pound walleye yesterday.  Surprised him!  Thought he has a really nice brown on.

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