Great Start To The New Year!

Wow!  Other than yesterday and today, the weather has been very nice, especially for this time of the year.  New Year’s day was a bit windy, but temperatures were in the low 50s.  Yesterday, it was in the 40s, but the wind was really a killer.  Today is going to be in the 40s, tomorrow in the 50s, and Thursday and Friday in the low 60s, with sunshine every day.  Looking for a little cooler over the weekend and party cloudy. 

Generation for the New Year was wonderful.  We had no generation all day New Years until 4:00 p.m.  Yesterday it did not come on until around 5:00 p.m.  Today, as projected, generation shut down at 11:00 a.m. and should be off until 6:00 p.m. 

Let’s see….New Year’s eve day, Stan had half a day with Ken from Kansas….same guy who spent Christmas eve day with Stan.  He knows how to beat the stress of the season.  They had another very good day on the water drifting the primrose & pearl midge or stripping an olive bead head wooly bugger or a size 12 flasher.  Jim had Jerry and his friend David, from Tennessee, out for the afternoon.  These guys had a steady streamer day using the brown or olive sculpins.  Also drifting the red midge with a red San Juan dropper.  Fishing was good!.

New Year’s Day, what can I say.  A dozen of the ladies from the River Runners Womens Fly Fishing Club took over a good section of the river below the boat ramp.  It was a wonderful day.   Almost every time I looked upstream or down stream, someone or several, had a fish on.  Tried to get a picture of one of the gals, Valley, with a rod in one hand with a fish on, and eating a brownine with the other hand.  Unfortunately, my batteries were dead!  It was certainly a magic day and we all had a fun day, laughing and catching fish.  What was working?  Olive wooly buggers, tan scuds, gray scuds, UV gray scuds, copper dun midges, holographic green cracklebacks, flashers, olive sculpin patern, primrose & pearl midges.  These are some of the patterns I know were being used.  Upstream, Stan was with two of our friends, Bob and Linda Parker, from Olathe, Kansas.  They were wearing out their arms catching fish on the holographic green crackleback.  I must admit, there were a lot of smaller fish, but we caught enough of the nicer ones to keep us happy….or I should say, happier.

Two of the ladies, Valley and Julie,  just could not drag themselves away from such good fishing, so they stayed and fished again yesterday.  The generation was again off until afternoon.  Another great day on the water fishing scuds and pulling the olive sculpin or holographic green crackleback.

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