Cast Out The Cobwebs!

Weather continues to be unbelievable! We are supposed to see this nice weather for at least a couple more days. today should be in the 60s, but windy! and tomorrow and Thursday are predicted to be in the low 60s. Friday looks like 50s, and by Saturday and Sunday, maybe the upper 40s.

Wish the generation schedule would be as cooperative as the weather has been. For the past five days we have see non-stop generation most of the day. At least during my waking hours. I don’t do well fishing from 11;00 p.m. until 5:00 or so in the morning. Today’s projection is more of the same. They have on most days, shut it down to one generator from about noon until 5:00 p.m., but today they are not shutting it down quite that much. So much for wading. We’ll just look this afternoon at 4:30 and see if the projection is more of the same.

Rick and Kristi decided they better get out and cast out any cobwebs this past Sunday. They are getting ready to go fishing for steelhead in Oregon in February and had not thrown a line for a few months. They spent half a day on the water with Stan this past Sunday and they had a very good day of casting and catching on the red midge. Rick stripped a holographic green crackleback a little and caught a few fish on that, but the red midge was the pattern Sunday. It would have been a perfectly perfect day if the wind had not been blowing so much….good temperature and good fishing!

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