Might Say..”Like Father, Like Son”!

We continue to see a little bit of rain.  Sprinkled off and on yesterday, and poured a little last night.  This morning we had a few sprinkles and it is overcast.  Temperature today should be in the mid to upper 40s ad well as tomorrow.  Friday, they are saying a very slim possibility of snow flurries with temperatures in the upper 30s.  Clearing over the weekend, partly cloudy to partly sunny and temperatures in the 40s.

Still running water non-stop.  Ran four generators Monday and projection for today is the equivalent two most of the day and even three late today.

Hunter - 12/19/11

Gina had Joe and his son, Hunter, on the water Monday for a real nature day.  In addition to catching some fish, they saw two bald eagles soar overhead as they were loading the boat into the river.  Later in the day, they spotted two does which jumped into the river and safely swam to the bank just above the Lookout Island.

Joe - 12/19/11

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