Wow!  Mother Nature certainly has a way of taking care of things.  Leaves on the trees are dying, so she arranges a few REALLY windy days to blow them off the trees!  Temperatures have been great, overcast Friday and part of Saturday.  Yesterday was a pretty day, but windy!  Today it is already 70 degrees (8:15 a.m.).  We are expecting some wind today, but nothing like we have already had.  A cool front moving in late this afternoon and might bring some rain tonight and into tomorrow.  Back to sunshine Wednesday through Friday with temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s and back to chances of rain for the weekend.

Hate to say it, but generation has been non-stop since last Wednesday.  Once they finished the work on the new system at Powersite this past Thursday, they cranked up all four generators.  Wanted to get the lake filled back up…’s full…let’s slow down.  Projection for today is the equivalent of two generators most of the day.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Our Hawaii couple, Wayne and Colleen, spent most of Thursday on the water with Jim.  Pretty tough day, especially after they cranked up all four generators.  They caught some fish on the red midge with and pink San Juan dropper.  Spent most of their time pulling garbage off the flies.  Meanwhile, Stan and Carolyn has Johnny, Jose, and Paul, from the Dallar Fly Fishers on the water for the day.  Same scenario.  Looked like fishing was going to be good when we started out in the morning.  Several hits and fish on the copper dun midge.  Heard one horn blow, then then the second, which meant four generators on and “Oh Poop!”  fishing when south.  The guys toughed it out and we caught a few more fish on the Big Ugly with a copper dun dropper.  Tough days guys! 

Sunday, Stan had Phil, from Hollister, and his visiting son Shane, on the water for a half day.  Phil caught his first fish on a dry….the Big Ugly.  They had a pretty good day on the Big Ugly with the copper dun midge dropper.

Several ladies from the River Runners Women’s Fly Fishing Club were here over the weekend.  Headquartered at Pointe Royale (wonder if it will every be the same), they fished the area below the Pointe with two generators running on Saturday.  Tough day for everyone with this much current so we moved to the flats below the fish ladder in the afternoon.  Still tough, but landed a few fish on the holographic green crackleback using a sinking leader and the UV gray scud.  Think a few were also caught on sculpin patterns.  Sunday was not much better as we still had generation.  Bottom line though, everyone got to fish, we pigged out on great food (this group can cook!), and just had a fun weekend.

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