Wind Has Finally Layed Down!

Wow!  Can’t believe how many days we had wind.  Today, we are finally experiencing very little wind.  The temperatures are in the 50s and it is overcast, but a pretty nice day…no wind!  Forecast is for 50s today and a 40% chance of showers by tonight.  Tomorrow the chance increases t0 60% chance of showers and temperatures in the low 60s.  Tuesday, another mid 50s day and chance of showers again.   By Wednesday, it looks like upper 50s, sunshine and not much wind.  Pretty much the same forecast for Thanksgiving Day.  Friday and Saturday we are looking at the possibility of isolated showers again and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. 

Taneycomo continues to run non-stop every day.  The good news is that many days it has been relatively low, so wade fishing is possible in some areas.  Forecast for today is pretty low generation all day.  Monday, more of the same with a few periods of the equivalent of enough water to get the level up toe 706.5 

Darrell on the water last Monday.  Boy!  Looks like I’m behind again.  He had Steve and Vicki, from the St. Louis area out for the day.  They had a fun day, and even caught fish, on the black zebra and ruby midges.   Said they are looking forward to their next trip. 

We have been talking to folks all week who are wading the area below the fish ladder (once outlet 3) as well as fishing around outlets 1 and 2.  Some are having very good days on the tan and gray scuds and ruby midges.   Talked to a couple people earlier in the week who had done well on the Big Ugly dry again.

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