Some Of The Structure Is In Place!

Another nice day today but rain will be moving in tonight.  Going to be a little brisk in the morning with temperatures in the mid 30s when we get up.  Tomorrow looks like a wash with rain most of the day, but sunshine back into the picture Friday and Saturday.  Some more weather moving in Sunday as the prediction is WINDY and mid 60s.

Projection for today on generation was low one generator this morning until 8:00 a.m. then a low two.  Guess what!  They turned it off at 8:00 a.m.  They did following the projections the past two days. 

CAT above outlet 2

As I mentioned in the report Monday, they had a CAT sitting in the water across from outlet two.  Yesterday, they finished placing the boulders in the area from outlet down toward outlet 3 (fish ladder).  Several nice groupings in this area.  They will probably work on the “Rockin Chair” area today while the water is off. 

Placing Boulder

Jim on the water yesterday with Paul and Gail from Texas.  Very good day pulling streamers, specifically the olive sculpin.  This is Paul’s favorite way to fish and he wanted Gail to learn.  Guess what…she caught the two biggest fish of the day this way.   Stan had Steve and Don from Illinois out all day.  They had a very good day on the tan flashback scud.  Both guys were plum tuckered out when they got back to the shop. 

Several clusters of boulders

Talking to folks coming in from fishing it sounds like fishing is pretty good.  Catching them on several different things.  One fisher was having a wonderful day on size 20 parachute Adams.  The olive filoplume was catching well as well as the holographic green crackleback stripping it just under the surface. 

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