Wow!  Drove over the dam this morning and there are white caps on Table Rock Lake.  Today is going to be a nasty day.  Temperatures only in the 40s and feeling much colder than the actual temperature due to the high winds.  Overcast and showers this morning, but should start clearing this afternoon.  Tomorrow looks like sun shine again and temperatures both tomorrow and through the early part of the week in the 60s.  Maybe a chance of showers again early in the week.

Generation continues to be on low in the morning, then off around 9:00 a.m. for 5-6 hours and back on for the remainder of the day.  They have finished the placement of the  boulders in the upper part of the lake and started placing them around Rockin Chair yesterday. 

Jim had Paul and Gail, from Texas, on the river the past couple mornings.  Paul is a streamer, saltwater fly fisher, and they had two very good days pulling the olive sculpin and the jailhouse bug eye in sizes 10 and 12.  Gail even got the hang of it and is how pulling streamers.  Darrell had Terry from Defiance, MO. out yesterday morning.  They did well on the red midge with a red San Juan worm dropper. 

Overall, from what I hear, fishing is pretty good even with all the water draw down and construction going on.

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