Have Never Seen The River Like This!

Still looking at the chance of showers tomorrow evening into Thursday, with temperatures Thursday in the 50s.  Friday and Saturday look like low to mid 60s and chances of showers again Saturday night into Sunday.  Beautiful today….sunny, mid 70s and probably some wind as the day progresses.  We have had a bit of wind the past few days.

Generation has been a bit bizzar.  On all day both Saturday and Sunday, although it was about the equivalent to a low one generator most of the day.  Monday it went from a low one to a low two then off for six hours beginning at 9;00 a.m..  Today’s projection looks pretty much the same but it should be off for about seven hours beginning at 9:00 a.m. 

With all the relocation of gravel which occurred earlier this year due to the flooding, and the draw down of the lake so they can work on Powersite Dam, we are seeing dry gravel bars in places we have never seen before.  Some areas have channels just wide enough for one, maybe two boats to squeek through.  This, of course, will not be the norm once the draw down is finished, but it is certainly making boat access difficult, if not impossible, on the upper part of the lake.  They are also using this draw down time to start placing the structure in the upper section of the river.  Lots of big boulders piled along the banks waiting for placement.  Understand they had a Cat in the water yesterday doing work across from outlet 2  in the Hatchery Area.  Should be nice when they get this project finished.  More holding places for those trout!

Darrell and Jim took a group from California fishing yesterday morning.  All of they are pretty new to fly fishing, but some friends of their’s had fished with us in August and told them they needed to go fishing with us if they came to the area.  So…..Judy and Jew were with Darrell.  They had a fun day using the ruby midge.  Leonard and Jan were with Jim and caught fish on the black zebra, the ugly midge, and a blood worm dropper.  Lots of instruction.  Bob from Michigan spend the day on the water with Stan.  They had a fun and interesting day just negotiating the water.  Lots of fish piled up in places due to the low water.  They fished and caught fish on the holographic green crackleback dry as well as under the sinking tip.  Also did well on the flashback tan scud.  Bob’s ready to go fishing again on Thursday!

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