Boulders Everywhere!

Pretty overcast all day today and chances of showers this evening into tomorrow and possibly Tuesday.  Temperatures staying in the mid 60s until Wednesday when it will drop to the mid 50s.  Back to lower 60s Friday.  Partly cloudy Wednesday through Friday. 

Surprised everyone yesterday with the generators off most of the day.  They had projected the equivalent of a low one generator all day.  Pretty much following the projection today, however, with the equivalent of about one generator which will run through the day.

Stay on the water Friday with Mike from Oklahoma.  Last time Mike tried to first with us in September, we had a monsoon.  They made it this time and had a pretty good day on the miracle scud and a copper dun midge.  Mike was scheduled to fish last week, but his daughter delivered her baby a couple weeks early, so Mike rescheduled.  Congratulations on your new grandbaby!

Yesterday, Jim had Dave from Ohio out for the day.  Dave is pretty new to fly fishing, so there was some instruction as well as catching.  Best patterns were the bug-eye bugger, gray scuds and sow bugs and the zebra midge.  Stan took Steve from here in Missouri out for a long half day.  There were sticking them with the Big Ugly and a copper dun dropper as well as the holographic green crackleback dry.  Fun day.  Carolyn had students from the full day fly fishing clinic out in the afternnon for casting instruction and a little catching.  Everyone caught fish stripping some variation of a sculpin pattern.

When we went over the the Rockin Chair area, we noticed they have finished plcing the boulders along the south bank in this area.  The best thing we noticed was how the fish were gathered around them.   Think it is going to be a good thing once we get some wash around them to dig out some deeper places for the fish to hold.  With the water off, you can’t miss them, so you shouldn’t stumble over them.

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