Thank goodness Every Day Is A Good Day If You’re Fishing!

Weather continues to be great, but I understand we are in for a cool down.  Chances of scattered showers tomorrow, then temperatures start to drop.  After Monday, we are looking at upper 50s to low 60s during the day through Thursday.  Probably get a freeze one or two nights during the week.  Friday looks a little warmer… into the mid 60s.

Wading time, wading time and more wading time.  During the week we saw generation coming on around 3:00 p.m. for 5-6 hours and then off for the rest of the evening.  This weekend, we again had two hours of generation in the afternoon and it was not very high.  One could fish right though it in many areas. 

It is a good thing that a bad day fishing is better than any day working.  We have had some good days and some not so good days of catching.  Fishing has been fine!

Susan - 10/13/11

Thursday, Gind took Gary and Susan, from Galena, Kansas out for the day.  They both had taken the Orvis Fly Fishing School held at Dogwood Canyon, but Susan had not yet had a lot of experience actually fishing.  They had a pretty good day on a size 12 olive wooly bugger and floozie, the flasher and a size 18 UV tan scud.  Darrell was out again with Jeff and his son, Nate.  They had a

Jeff - 10/13/11

good day on the primrose & pearl midge and a gray scud.  Jeff may start leaving Nate home as he is starting to out fish him!  Bud and his friend, Ron, from Lee’s Summit spent the morning with Jim.  Good day for these guys on the black and primrose & pearl midges, a blood worm dropper and a gray scud. 

Friday, I think all of us would agree was one of those tough days, especially depending on where you were fishing.  Up around or near the hatchery and outlet areas, fishing was not so bad, but lower on down the river, with the low dissolved oxygen levels, it was slow…..but, still better than working!  Stan had Robert from Maryland out for the morning.  Robert is a good fly fisher who loves to throw dries.  Their best fly was the Bug Ugly dry with a size 18 white midge dropper.  Also caught a few on the holographic crackleback.  Carolyn had Jake from Oklahoma out for a morning of instruction.  We worked on the roll cast, pick up and lay down cast and a little on false casting.   Jake was a good student, quick learner and was throwing a pretty nice line.  He didn’t get to work very much on playing and bringing in fish however.  He did hook a fish strippping the holographic green crackleback and had hits on the Bug Ugly dry and a few hits on the primrose & pearl midge.  Close, but no cigar!   Wayne and Colleen from Hawaii, were out all day with Jim.  They had also fished with him on Monday.  Wanted to fish Wednesday, but this trip was rained out.  Friday’s flies were the primrose & pearl midge, brown midge, blood worm dropper and a size 18 tan scud. 

Saturday was still slow in the lower part of the river.  Darrell had Terry from Minnesota out for the morning.  I bet a lot of Minnesota fishing talk was going on since Darrell is also from Minnesota.  Their best flies were the ruby midge, the primrose & pearl midge and the Big Ugly.  Stan had Joe and his wife, Jean out.  These folks are from Kentucky and Joe had fished with us back in 2004.  This was Jean’s first experience with a fly rod.  Stan said they really didn’t have any good flies that day!  Kevin and his son, Adam, spent the morning with Jim learning casting and line management.  They did get to catch some fish.  Patterns used were the sculpin bugger, tan scud, gray sowbug and a blood worm dropper.

Talked to several fishers today.  Still slow, but catching fish on the Big Ugly, especially with the good chop on the water from the wind.  Also working was the barbell golden varient sculpin.

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