Ketchup Time Again…Lots Going On!

Several days of delightful weather, but we are started to see some change yesterday.  It was warm with the temperature in the low 80s, and lots of wind.  Blowing in some weather.  We did get some  rain this morning and expect more this afternoon with a cool down to the mid to upper 50s Thursday and Friday; then back into the low 60s over the weekend.

With the Lake Taneycomo draw down that started Sunday, we have seen generation both Monday and Tuesday almost all day.  Projection for today is more of the same….non-stop generation in the one to two generator levels.  We will just have to see if this trend continues.

Now to catch up on trips!  Missed posting last Thursday when  Jim had Derek and Travis, from Lake Lotawana, out for the morning.  These guys had a pretty good day on the size 14 red midge, a red San Juan worm, and a size 10 olive bugger.  Also, Stan had one of his regulars, Robert Hellman, from Illinois.  They had a good day on the red San Juan worm when the water was running.  After they turned off the generators, they started fishing the Bug Ugly with a P&P dropper.  Robert landed two 17″ on the Big Ugly.  He really had fun with this. 

We covered Friday, so on to Saturday.  Darrell out all day with Dan and Malcomb from the St. Louis area.  Boated quite a few fish, but they worked for all of them.  Best patterns were the primrose & pearl midge and holographic green crackleback. 

Alexander's 1st Fly Fishing Trip - 10/22/11

Jason and his ten year old son, Alexander, spent the morning with Jim.  Several people on the water cheered when they saw Alexander land his first fist on a fly rod.   A new fly fisher is born!  Their best patterns were the black zebra and ugly midges, with a blood worm dropper.  Carolyn had a fun day with Bryan and his father, Richard.  They are both from Miami, OK.  Neither of them get out and fly fish as much as they should so they both really enjoyed the day.  It was Richard’s day as he landed the most fish.  Our best fly was the filoplume.

Richard - 10/22/11


Dane had Ron from Arkansas out for the morning.  Ron has a drift boat and fishes the Little Red down near Heber Springs, AR.  They had their best fishing also on the olive filoplume.

Monday, Darrell took John and Linda, from Abilene, TX out.  As a matter of fact, he had them on the water both Monday and Tuesday mornings.  This was our first day to see the affect of the draw down.  It appears, so far, they are going to run some water during the draw down.  Anywhere from one to three generators at an equivalent flow of one to two.  With the draw down affect, it seems to have more flow than normal.  Anyway, they worked hard for their fish, but did catch some both days.  Monday was the P&P and big ruby midge and Tuesday it was the red San Juan worm.  

Cindy - 10/24/11

 Cindy and Kerry, from Grain Valley spent the morning with Carolyn.  This was a learning experience for both of them as they are new to fly fishing.  Pretty good day, especially for Cindy.  Told her “she had the front of the boat syndrome”.  Usually, the person on the front of the boat catches the most fish.   Our best paterns were the copper dun midge dropped off the big Ruby.  Also caught some on the holographic green crackleback stripping it under the sinking leader.  Stan had Bill and Kathy from Overland Park, KS.  They fly fisher all over the place!  Good day for these folks on the red San Juan worm, red midge and the Big Ugly wih  primrose & pearl midge. 

Yesterday, Stan had John and Travis out.  Travis is from Kansas and John was originally from New York.  Tough day.  In addition to nasty wind, both are beginning fly fishers.  Did boat some fish on the red midgte and olive wooly bugger.

Hearing both moaning and groaning as well as good reports on fishing in the hatchery area.  Lots of fish around the outlets when they release oxygen.  Otherwise, catching some nice fish in areas up there as well as having pretty tough days.  Small gray scuds and red San Juan worms, seem to be the best patterns so far this week.

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