Better Enjoy This Weather…While It Last!

Great weather for this time of the year.  It was in the 60s this weekend and will be in the upper 60s to low 70s today and tomorrow.  Chance of showers moving in Wednesday night into Thursday.  Temperatures dropping a little to the low to mid 60s by the weekend.  See a chance of showers on Saturday, but that’s a few days away….subject to change!

Generation over the weekend was non-stop, but low flow.  The equivalent of a one generator all weekend although they were running two.  Again today, they are planning to shut down the generators around 10:00-11:00 a.m. and keep them off for about five-six hours.  Once on, it will run the balance of the day.  The the MDC started placing structure (big boulders) on the upper portion of Taneycomo last Friday during the generation shut down.  Understand they have already started working some more today, and will probably get more structure placed during today’s shut down.

The placement of the new system at Powersite Dam is progressing well.  Appears they are about 1/2 day complete and think they will finish up some time next week.  We will get a further update this coming Thursday and let you know.

Darrell had Bill and James, from Columbia, on the water Saturday morning.  Didn’t tear them up, but caught fish on the ruby midge with a primrose & pearl midge dropper. 

Branda and Gerald, from Independence, spent the day with Stan Sunday.  They fished the Big Ugly with a copper dun midge dropper and the red midge.  Also fished a size 22 black midge emerger and and a holographic green crackleback using a sink tip line.   Bryan, from St. Louis, took the two-day fly fishing school.  Saturday morning, he and Carolyn did the classroom portion and then spent the afternoon working on casting.  On the water Sunday, he learned the dropper rigging and got to work a sinking leader.  Casting has improved and he learned the slack dry-fly cast as well as the reach cast.  Think he had fun and learned a bit.

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