Why Over The Weekend?

Every day is a new day here on Taneycomo.  Is that an astute statement?  Anyway, we woke up Saturday morning to the equivalent of one generator running Saturday, and the same projection for Sunday and Monday.  Friday, and all last week, we had no generation in the mornings and generation starting up around 1:00 p.m. each day. Lots of wading time.   Oh well, we’ll see what the rest of this week brings.    The good news is that with the one generator where they are running, you can wade, especially down below the fish ladder (outlet 3) on the flat area that is normally out of the water with no generation.

Weather continues to be lovely.  Upper 70s, low 80s but looking at some low to mid 90s Monday and Tuesday.  Then chances of rain show up again  with cooling temperatures. 

Ginny - 9/8/11

Buz and Ginny from Springfield have this beautiful wooden drift boat called “The Fly Girl”.  Buz built it himself and it is a work of art.  They have fished Taneycomo several times with minimal success.  Thursday, they took a half day float in the afternoon with Stan after the generators had fired up so they could experience fishing it with generation.  Good day on the water with the red San Juan worm and stripping a holographic green crackleback.  Paul and Ken from Nebraska decided they needed to fish with Jim again.  They did a full day of nothing but pulling streamers, the olive sculpin and jailhouse bugger. 

Briana's 1st on fly rod - 9/9/11

Friday, Carolyn got to introduce another female to fly fishing!  Brad wanted Briana to get into fly fishing so he booked a half day instructional float for Briana.  We let Brad ride along!  Picture of Briana’s first to be followed by several more and larger.  Think her largest was 17-18 inches.  The couple had two doubles during the morning and should have had at least a couple more.  These

Brad - 9/9/11

two, from Peculiar, MO. are expecting their first new fly fisher Christmas eve.   Oh yes, we let Brad throw in a line too!   Unfortunately, this picture does not do justice to this fish.  It was brilliant.  p.s.  I think Briana likes it!

Brad & Briana's double -09/9/11

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