Mixed Bag!

Lovely weather we are having.  Low 80s today and, so far, overcast skies.  Sun peeks out every once in a while, but not for long.  Into Friday, they are forecasting low 80s and upper 70s.  Relief!

No change in generation pattern.  Off in the mornings with generation starting around 1:00 p.m., and running until 7:00-8:00 p.m. 

Yes, we did have an oil slick on the upper part of Taneycomo Thursday morning.  Jim had a half day wade trip out and he called me the moment he saw the river.  I checked with the Hatchery folks and they had just become aware of it.  Not certain what caused it, but they did fire up a generator early that day and it was soon gone.  There is no sign of any residue from the incident nor negative affect on the fishery.  

Jim out with Jeff and Donna from Nebraska on Tuesday…the day with the strange film on the water.  Both are new fishers, so Jim worked with them on various skills and techniques.  It was an interesting day with the water going up and down due to the oil slick on the water.  They hooked fish on various patterns, including the red midge, red San Juan worm, a white midge and the primrose and pearl midge.

“Stan the man” on the water Saturday with Jonathon and Melinda from St. Louis.  Melinda caught on quickly to fly fishing and they caught fish on the primrose & pearl midge and holographic green crackleback.  Definitely a slow start but picked up when the water started coming on.  Jim had Matt and Josh, from Oklahoma out for an instructional morning.  They caught a few fish on the gray scud with a blood worm dropper.   Carolyn was in the water with Marcie and Bob, from Nebraska.  Slow, but fun day for us.  Marcie caught her first fish on a dry, the Big Ugly.  Had another nice one hooked on the golden variant sculpin.  Think Bob caught his fish on the primrose & pearl midge.  Fun couple that I think will spend lots of time together fly fishing!

Over the past few days, lots of people fishing.  Best catching has been in the Hatchery area in or near the outlets.  Fishers are catching a few fish in other area, but it will be one or two fish on this fly, then change.  Best patterns in the Hatchery area have been the tan scud, especially the flashback tan scud, gray scuds size 16, the white grub, the pellet pattern and primrose & pearl midge.  Also heard a few catching some stripping the golden variant sculpin.

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