Ketchup Time Again!

Wonderful weather!  50s at night and we have gotten a little rain, mostly during the night, but a few sprinkles during the day.  So far, certainly not enough to chase us off the water.  Looks like this nice pattern will continue.  Rain chances through tomorrow and back to sunshine for a couple day.  Showeers moving back in by Wednesday, but temperatures continue to look like low 80s or mid 70s.

Non-stop low generation, except for Monday and Tuesday, for the past seven days.  Friday and so far this weekend, the generation has been a low enough one that folks are wading, especially below outlet three and, if one has a boat, there seem to be gravel bars all over the place where you can beach your boat and get out and wade. 

Stan and I took off Sunday afternoon heading for Dallas, Texas.  Gave our presentation Monday night on the Taneycomo fishery to a good, active club, the Dallas Fly Fishers.  Thank you guys for staying awake during our presentation!  That Monday, Jim was on the water with Steve and Joy from Irving, Texas.  both are new fly fishers so Jim took them through the basic casting and line management.  They did land a few fish so they could work on their catching skills.  Patterns were the red San Juan worm and red midge.

Tuesday, Darrell took Ken and Candice, from Tennessee, out again.  They caught fish on the big ruby with the San Juan worm dropper. 

Stan had Bobbie and Arnnie out Wednesday.  Believe Arnnie recently retiresd and they are wanting to get into something that they can do together now that they have more time.  These folks came all the way from California and really like the area.  They caught fish on the red San Juan worm, under the size 16 red tunghead midge as well as the rusty midge dropped under the red tunghead midge.  Had a wonderful time!

Thursday, Jim took Bob from Ballwin out for what was supposed to be a half day wade.  Generator going, so they hopped into the boat and caught fish on the olive bug-eye bugger, pink San Juan worm and the red midge.  Takes were soft and short….sounds pretty familiar right now…so several misses among the ones that made it to the boat.  One of our guys, who started with us while we were still downtown, Mel, said “he had an itch”.  So, he booked a half day float with Stan.  They had a good time with the red tunghead midge, a maroon crackleback and the red San Juan worm. 

Jim - 9/16/11

Friday was floatilla day.  Stan had Jim from Lee’s Summit.  Fun day for Jim on the red San Juan under the red midge. 

Darrell had Earl and Al from St. Louis out for the morning.  This had to be a boat full.  As Al said, “between Earl and Darrell, it was non-stop jokes all morning!” Again, the red midge with a red San Juan worm dropper. 

Earl - 9/16/11

Bud and Greg were with Jim.  Grey wanted to do some streamer work so they fished the bug-eyed bugger, as well as the red midge, red and cerise San Juan worms. 

Al - 9/16/11

Susan’s 1st on fly rod – 9/16/11

Carolyn had Susan and Barbara from Michigan out for the morning.  These two ladies are brand new, so we went through a little casting and line work.  Needed to work on keeping fish on the hook!  As all the guides experienced, the takes were very soft.  Lots of hits, several hookups and several didn’t make it to the boat.  We did boat some fish on the red San Juan worm dropped below the pink lady egg pattern.   Barbara had our boat’s fish of the day on for quite a while (definitely a “rodeo fish”) but we just couldn’t get it to the net.  Nice fish Barbara….Susan and I saw it!

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