It Was A Good Guy’s Day Out!

Just as they projected, the equivalent of one generator running all weekend.  Tailwater level wandering between 704.1 to 705.2 feet.  Flow 3000-4000cfs.  Same projection for Monday, but Monday’s are always a “wait and see” as things can change over the weekend. 

No change in the weather forcast.  Low to mid 90s Monday and Tuesday.  chances of showeers cool us off for Wednesday through Friday.  It is an absolutely lovely day today!

Dad, Kent said it is rare that he gets his two sons together at one time any more, but they managed to do it Saturday and the three of them spent the entire day on the river with Stan and Jim.  Good day for everyone.  Troy and Seth are new fly fishers and they spent the day with Stan.  They caught lots of fish, and I understand a few other things, on the red San Juan worm, and the Big Ruby midge.  Troy had one really nice one on that cleared the water, looked at him and took off!  Jim had Kent pulling the olive sculpin and the bug-eye jailhouse bugger.

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