The Stripper Strikes Again!

Still more of the same in weather.  Mid 90s, low 90s, maybe upper 80s through early next week.  Looks like a little warm up toward the middle of the week.  Still a slight chance of rain on Monday.

Generation fairly stable.  Worst thing that happens is that they fire it up an hour or so earlier than the projections.  Today was even earlier, but they only started with one.  Still fishable in many places.

Jim out yesterday morning with Larry from Texas.  He and other family members try to fish with us at least once every year and sometimes twice.  They had a pretty good day on the varigated sculpin, the primrose & pearl midge, and a white midge.  Jim said the streamer fishing was actually better during the

Dawn 19-20" rainbow - 8/26/11

 rise.  The Louisiana Kerrs were on the water all day yesterday with Darrell and Stan.  Darrell had Albert and James Albert and they probably did best on the red San Juan Worm.  Stan had Dawn, aka “The Stripper”.  Give her something to strip, in this case it was a size 12 holographic green crackleback and she’s catching fish.  Stan was trying to revive one of the fish she had just caught when she hooked this one on her 4 weight Trout Bum.  Gave her a bit of a fight on that rod!  They also caught fish on the ruby, primrose & pearl, and the size 16 red midge when the water came on.

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