Rainbows Are Getting Pretty!

Beautiful morning today!  Temperature in the upper 60s, sun shining and very little wind.  Still looking at a great weather forecast for the weekend on into next week.  Mild temperatures and a slight, very slight chance of rain next week.

No major change in the generation schedule.  Still lots of time in the early mornings until noon, and again in the late evenings, around 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. to do some wade fishing. 

Stan on the river all day yesterday with a couple from Carthage, MO., Doug and Rachele.  Good day for the two of them.  In the morning before the water started up, they hooked fish on several patterns, primarily the Primrose & Pearl midge and golden variant sculpin.   Seeing some really pretty rainbows.  Once the generators fired up, all four of them, they sat out the rise and had lunch.  The water has really been dirty and full of junk on the rise.  You spend more time clearning off you fly than it’s worth.  Once it came up and settled down, Stan drifted the high bank below Pointe Lookout and they continued catching and missing on the red size 16 tunghead midge.  All in all, a good day.  Jim had Forrest, from Excelsior Springs out for the morning.  They caught fish, on the red San Juan, primrose & pearl midge and a brown scud.  Forrest has not been fishing for the past couple years and think he missed quite a few more than he hooked up with.  Need to get out and fish more Forrest!

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