Pleasant Couple Days On The River!

Maybe the hot spell is over.  Monday and yesterday were really nice, except for a bit of heavy rain yesterday morning!  Looked like most of it was going east..but, not all of it!  Anyway, fish don’t mind a little water.  Temperatures for the rest of the week to be mid 90s to low 90s by Sunday and Monday.   Slight chances of rain all the way through Monday.

Generation schedule still consistent.  No generation in the early to late morning or even early afternoon (1:00 p.m.)  So, here’s your chance to get out and do some wading.

Jim our with Jim and Dave from Festus.  Water low and slow, so the moving patterns are still doing best.  Did boat a few on the copper dun midge with a blood worm dropper, but the holographic green crackleback worked best.  One 18 incher on this pattern.  Dana took David from Ohio out for the morning.  David wanted to do some wading, so they headed down to the now much larger gravel area above Trophy Run and threw the holographic green crackleback, filoplume and olive wooly bugger.  David commented that “Dana had worn him out”.  Think they had a pretty good day!

Tuesday, Rick Canup, from Texas, brought his fishing family and a soon to  

Eric - 8/16/11

be new member (Lindi) for their annual fishing event.  Think this is the 5th year in a row they all come to fish wih us and what a really fun group they are.  Dana had Alex and Eric out this year.   Althought the early part of the morning started out slow for all of us, once it picked up, it was a good day.  Dana’s guys were catching on the holographic green crackleback. 

Nice 17 incher for Alex - 8-16-11

Jim had Rick and Davis.  They were fishing a size 20 gray scud and a copper dun dropper.  Not fast and furious, but they landed and missed quite a few fish.  Stan took Chase and they too has a good day pulling the cracklebacks, both the holographic green and the silver bullet (tied with holographic silver tinsel). 

Lindi - 8/16/11

Carolyn got the soon to be newly weds.  Taylor and Lindi are getting married in September.  Not sure who is getting the best deal, but I think it is Taylor.  Lindi took to fly fishing pretty fast and she likes it!  She is going to be a natural if she stays with it.  No, she didn’t kiss all her fish….didn’t want to make Taylor jealous.     At point point Lindi had Taylor down 3 to zip.  He was getting worried, but after 3 to 4 doubles (these two are working together already!), he started catching up.  Fun day on the holographic green and silver bullet cracklebacks.  Once we saw fish sipping, we were stripping these just under the surface off the edges of where shallow areas met moving water.  Our best wishes for a long, healthy, and happy marriage.  Don’t forget to include many happy days of fly fishing together!

Taylor and Lindi - 8/16/11

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