Hooked Another Lady Fly Fisher!

What can I say about the weather….HOT! Expecting 100s for the next four days and upper 90s after that. We are still seeing no generation in the mornings. However, today was not projected to come on until noon and they turned on the first generator at 10:00 a.m. and more within another hour. Out of the past five days, three out of two have been right on the money as far as when they were going to start generating.

Both Darrell and Stan on the water this morning and said it was a little tougher than what they have experienced over the past few days. Caught fish, but had to look for them. Darrell had Mark and his son, Nick from Kansas, out early. They almost finished up their half day before the water started. Caught a few fish on the copper head black zebra. Stan had a couple from Texas, Charlie and Michelle. This waas Michelle’s first fly fly fishing trip and I don’t think it will be her last. After her first fish, she proceeded to hook and land two 17-1/2″. Although a bit tough fishing, she had a good day. Think she even outfished her husband. Oops! No he’s happy to have a fly fishing partner now. Their best patterns were the copper head black zebra, a red San Juan worm and stripping the flasher.



Talked to several fly fisher fishing up around the hatchery area this morning. Catching some on the holographic green crackle back and a size 14 olive wooly bugger. In case I didn’t mention it, Shannon was doing well yesterday on a size 14 Har’e Ear nymph.

Charlie - 8/1/11

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