He Loves That Fly Fishing!

Still looks like tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week, upper 90s or low 100s.  The rest of the week will be hovering around mid 90s, maybe low 90s. 

No change in generation pattern.  Get down there and fish in the mornings if you want to wade. 

Jim, from Arkansas, spent the morning on the river with Stan yesterday.  He first learned how to fly fish with us this past March and fell in love with it.  Wishes he could be here more, but has to make a living!   They had a good day but had to do a lot of changing out on patterns.  No one pattern or method was consistent.  They went through the golden variant sculpin, black midge, red San Juan worm, and the copper head black zebra.  Good day on the creek!

One of the guys who came into the shop yesterday did well on the golden variant sculpin.  He came back for more as he lost most of them.

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