Computers Are Great When…..

What a relief in the weather!  Finally getting cooler temps.  We have had rain, lightening and storms go by, near, or somewhere in the area for the past 2-3 days.  Anyway,  between being on the water and having my computer internet modem knocked out by lightening, the extreme delay in getting a fishing report up.  Onward!  Weather for this week looks great!  Upper 80s to low 90s.  Is that great or what after all the 100 degree days we  have survived!?  We do have a chance for showers Wednesday into Saturday.  Today was lovely.

Generation has been almost correct every day.  Correct in that it will be off in the a.m. each day, which it has.  However, they have pretty much started up the generation 1-2 hours earlier than the projection almost every day.  Almost..!  Even with starting up a little earlier than projected, lots of people are getting a chance to do some wade fishing in the mornings!  Yeah!

Now for ketchup!  Stan on the water last Thursday with John and Dan from Oklahoma.  They had a good day on the flasher and lightening bug. 

Friday, Stan was out with Tom from Nebraska.  Not a great day, but Tom was totally new to fly fishing.  He learned a little and caught fish on the flasher.  Richard, from Arkansas, spent the morning with Dana.  He is a fly fisher and wanted to learn a little about our water.  Best flies were the holographic green crackleback and the olive filoplume. 

Saturday Craig and Stephanie, from Oklahoma were graced with the company of Stan for the morning.  Stephanie grew up in Alaska, so she had fly fished that area while growing up.  Both have fly fished other areas, but were certainly impressed with our fishery.  They had a good day on the holographic green crackleback, the flasher and the floozie.  Meanwhile, Darrell had Jeff and his friend, Chris on the water.  These guys from Oklahoma caught fish on the copper headed zebra midge and, during the water rise, a red San Juan worm.

Larry with fish on! 8/7/11

Sunday, Carolyn was standing in the water with Larry and Julie.  Brand new fly fishers who wanted to learn as much as I could cram into them so they could fish on their own at Pointe Royale, where they own a condo.  We worked more on their casting, as well as various techniques they could use.  With the change in the bottom in that area, the most productive method seems to be stripping.  After midging with the copper headed black zebra midge, a gray scud, and sub-surface stripping the holographic green crackle back (caught fish, or had hits on all of the above), we settled in on stripping the olive filoplume or size 12 bug-eyed bugger using an intermediate sinking leader.  This was the best pattern of the morning.  Fun morning, great people.  Larry came into the shop today, Tuesday, and both of them had successfully caught fish at the Pointe this morning stripping the filoplume!

Talked to lots of people fly fishing right now and it is not fast and furious.  However, most of the fish caught are really nice.  No one pattern seems  to be the magic bullet, but catching a few fish on most everything thrown.  Like I said earlier, stripping seems to be the best, especially small (16-14) olive buggers, bug-eyed buggers. size 12, or the size olive filoplume, especially using an intermediate sinking leader.   Primrose & pearl midge and the red midge were two of the midge patterns that I heard were workng today.

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