Back In Business…

My computer wizard was here yesterday, and I am back in business again.  Terrible when we are so dependant on computers!  

Weather has been awesome.  Cooler days and some much needed rain.  Unfortunately, Wednesday we also had some lightening and thunderboomers so we cancelled a couple morning trips.  Not good standing in the water with a lightening rod in a lightening storm!  Temperatures to remain in the upper 80s to low 90s for the next few days.  Once we get past today and tomorrow, the rain chances will be gone.  

Generation schedule has also been great.  The past few days the generation has been pretty much off all day except for a generator starting up in the afternoon for an hour or so.  Lots of wading time!  

Ethan with 17-1/2" rainbow - 8/6/11

One trip Carolyn had over the weekend was Lennie and his two sons Ethan, who is nine years old, and Pearson, who is ten. What a pair of neat young men.  Both picked up on casting quickly, however, Pearson has had some previous exposure to fly casting.  Ethan probably would have caught a few more fish if he would have left his fly in the water.  This one loves to cast!  It’s great to see boys this age learning how to fly fish.  Think their father will have a couple 

Pearce with 16-1/2" rainbow - 8/6/11

fishing buddies for life.   Lennie was catching on the bug-eyed bugger, size 12 stripping with a sinking leader.   Both boys caught theirs on the red San Juan worm.  Had a few hits on a black midge and gray scud, but nothing to the net. 

Talked to the biologist at the hatchery the other day as I have not been seeing very many scuds in the lower part of the river (around the boat ramp).  He confirmed what we

Lennie - 8/6/11

have been suspecting, the dissolved oxygen level is pretty low.  We have been noticing, that although the fish still look fat and healthy, they are pretty worn out from being caught.  Please take a little more time when releasing your fish to make certain they are completely revived.  Fishing has been somewhat slow, but many of the fish being caught are nice size.  It’s just nice being able to stand in the water again.

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