And Another Lady On The River!

Absolutely wonderful forecast.  Low 90s to upper 80s for the next 6 days and lower humidity.  Sounds good!  Let’s hope this is what we get.  Slight chance of rain by next Monday, but again, that’s a ways off.

Generation schedule still pretty much right on.  Day before yesterday, they surprised everyone with a 10:00 a.m. start up, but pretty much noon or 1:00 p.m.

Marcie's 1st on fly rod - 8/24/11

Think we have another new lady fly fisher on the river.  Marcie spent Wednesday morning with Carolyn learning how the roll cast and pick up and lay down cast.  She worked on the two basic knots, we flipped a few rocks looking for aquatic life, plus proper line management.  She has the word “mend” down, and is already pulling in fish stripping!  The progression was wonderful to watch.  From really working hard trying to get everything right, those moments of utter frustration, to finally taking that deep breath, making a

Marcie - 8/24/11

nice crisp back cast and laying that line right out in front of her.   Still has lots of practicing to do, but those good casts are there.   She presented the Primrose & Pearl midge with success, the holographic green crackleback subsurface with success, and had a really nice one hooked on the golden variant sculpin pattern using the sinking leader.  That one will give her something to come back for! 

The river is fishing good right now.  One of my other students from four years ago, Ellen, was fishing up stream from us.  Looked up her ways several times to see her with a fish on.  She finally had to come down to see what all the hooping and hollering was about down our way.  She was doing well on the pumpkin crackle back.  Talking to other folks, they have had some good fishing over the past two days.  Water is clearing up and you are starting to see fish below your feet.  Still now seeing any scuds in the water around the boat ramp area.  We picked up several rocks in the river yesterday and found two very small sowbugs.  One had an egg sac on her tummy, so that made me very happy.  Lots of really small midges coming off yesterday.

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