Surprise! Surprise!

Surprise!  Surprise!  The generators were off this morning until noon.  Just checked and they turned on two generators and the tailwater level is 705.2.  I will be anxious to see what the projection is for tomorrow.  Up until today, we have had generation every day except last Saturday when they were working on the boards at Powersite Dam.

Same old, same old on the weather.  Upper 90s today, mid 90s tomorrow, low to mid 90s Saturday and Sunday, then back up into the upper 90s early part of the week.  Still a chance of showers over the next 3-4 days.

One of Jim’s clients, Jerry, from Kansas, brought his son Nick to fish with Jim Monday and Tuesday.  They are getting ready to go to Alaska in August and needed to check all their gear, and brush up a little on casting and techniques.  They had a couple good mornings on the river using the black bugger, sculpin bugger, red midge, white caddis and a gray scud.  Think they are ready for Alaska!

Mike and Trish from Texas, spent Monday and Wednesday mornings on the river with Carolyn.  So glad to see Trish flinging a fly rod again.  Just about a year ago this time, we noticed a lump on the back of Trish’s leg.  This was her trip where she landed a beautiful 24 inch rainbow.  When she went home from the trip she went to the doctor about the lump and found she had cancer.  It has been a long, tough road for both of them, but she is coming along with flying colors.  She certainly has not lost her touch for catching fish!  We are so happy to see her on the water again.  Had a couple pretty good days.  Monday we did best stripping the flasher or holographic green crackleback.  Also caught some on the red midge with a red worm dropper.  Wednesday started out great with three 17 inch rainbows back to back on the lightening bug and a cerise worm dropper.  Then came the horns, a quick rise of the water and fishing slowed down.  We did catch a few more stripping cracklebacks and buggers. 

Trish - 7/27/11

Mike - 7/27/11

Mike's 17 inch rainbow - 7/27/11

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